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On Saturday, April 16, 2022, around 6:24 p.m., an extraordinary rescue was captured on video when a doctor traveling home from supper noticed a guy on the road in need of assistance. It’s a fantastic example of someone being at the right place at the right moment. A collision on I-95 left a guy bleeding on the side of the street, and the first person to drive over happened to be an emergency department doctor. Doctor Miguel Ribe is a senior resident in emergency medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he spends the most of his work especially in the ER. However, on Saturday, when he and his fiancée were leaving a night out with friends, his abilities were required in a completely different location. As they went into the I-95 northbound along from Brickell Avenue, a guy inside a bus lost his equilibrium. As he lurched backwards, he collided with the bus doors and fell out, falling headfirst on the sidewalk. Ribe observed the man, who was covered in blood, laying in the street, and realized he needed aid right away. Ribe assisted the man in regaining control of his breathing and did everything he could to keep him awake until Miami Fire Rescue came. The man was transported to Ryder Trauma Center with a significant injury to the back of his skull. He was stable when he got at the hospital, according to fire rescue, and even began responding to questions.

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Car accidents can result in significant injuries, and the amount of no-fault coverage required by Florida may be insufficient to cover your injuries. You may be able to get compensation for your medical costs, property damage, and pain and suffering if you file a personal injury claim. Are you still dealing with the financial impact of your accident? As a result, any damage, stress, or financial crisis caused by an accident must be addressed seriously and handled by skilled legal counsel.

We live in a technological era. There is simply no turning back. And with the use and overuse of cell phones, tablets and other portable communication devices, comes also the reactionary restriction by lawmakers.

In Florida a new bill will address a ban on text messaging while driving in an effort to improve road safety. This is to the relief of many.

What has not gained as much attention is the issue of text messaging as a pedestrian. Miami is a city of drivers. Certain areas of the City are almost pedestrian free. There are other areas, however, that pedestrians, in particular out of town tourists, roam the streets to enjoy our great weather and feel the”heat” of the City.

The Seattle Times has brought this issue to light in a recent article. It discusses studies that revealed that more than one thousand people were seriously injured in accidents in which they were walking and using a mobile device. This statistic is more than likely very conservative as many persons are unlikely to admit the use of cell phones and its relation to an accident or injury.

What is even greater concern is the fact that mobile technology use tends to be greatest in the younger population and even small children.

What is the answer?

Education regarding the risks associated with the use of mobile communication devices, not just while driving, needs to come to the forefront. Especailly in schools and through paid advertising. Time is of the essence as technology becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives.
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The Miami Herald reported that an 18 year old woman was hit by another woman accused of driving her vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The woman is in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The driver was going north on Virginia Street when she first hit a parked car and then was propelled into the woman jogging on the side of the road.

Driving while under the influence
Driving under the influence is a major cause of injuries on the road today. Law enforcement continues to make significant efforts to curtail the number of drivers under the influence of alcohol or other related substances.

A driver under the influence may have both civil and criminal responsibilities under the law. In addition to criminal penalties, which could include jail, probation and suspension of driving privileges, a driver may also have to pay civil remedies for damages caused.

A personal injury attorney can investigate and pursue the damages that such accident victims deserve under the law.
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On February 15, 2011, the Miami Dade County commissioners and law enforcement officials honored Mark Brown, a Miami Dade County solid waste employee, for his unselfish act in stopping a motorist who was involved in a fatal hit-and-run pedestrian accident.
This accident involved two pedestrians who were hit by Rolando Aliaga who was driving a pick up. Brown, who was driving in the area, hit Aliaga’s vehicle, forcing him to stop. One of the victims was pronounced dead shortly after being taken to the hospital while the other was admitted in serious condition.

My heart goes out to the victims of this Miami hit and run pedesrtian accident. I also commend the brave act of our local resident in apprehending the suspect responsible.

Florida Pedestrian Accident Statistics

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Traffic Crash Statistics Report for 2009 states that 7878 persons were injured that year as a result of pedestrian accidents. During 2009, there were 502 fatalities reported due to Florida pedestrian accidents.

What was the cause of this injury accident?

Based on the news account of this accident it is unclear what series of events may have led to this driver losing control of his vehicle and hitting the pedestrians. Several issues need to be addressed: How fast was the driver going?? Did he lose control of the vehicle and why? Was there mechanical malfunction in the pick up that caused him to lose control?

Legal Issues

If it is ultimately determined that this runaway driver is at fault, he could be responsible for the victims’ injuries. The injured victim and the families of the injured and deceases may be able to pursue compensation for medical bills, loss wages and other damages related to the accident. Such victims are advised to contact an experienced Miami personal injury lawyer, who will investigate the accident thoroughly and fight for the rights of the victims and their families.
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