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On Saturday, April 16, 2022, around 6:24 p.m., an extraordinary rescue was captured on video when a doctor traveling home from supper noticed a guy on the road in need of assistance. It’s a fantastic example of someone being at the right place at the right moment. A collision on I-95 left a guy bleeding on the side of the street, and the first person to drive over happened to be an emergency department doctor. Doctor Miguel Ribe is a senior resident in emergency medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he spends the most of his work especially in the ER. However, on Saturday, when he and his fiancée were leaving a night out with friends, his abilities were required in a completely different location. As they went into the I-95 northbound along from Brickell Avenue, a guy inside a bus lost his equilibrium. As he lurched backwards, he collided with the bus doors and fell out, falling headfirst on the sidewalk. Ribe observed the man, who was covered in blood, laying in the street, and realized he needed aid right away. Ribe assisted the man in regaining control of his breathing and did everything he could to keep him awake until Miami Fire Rescue came. The man was transported to Ryder Trauma Center with a significant injury to the back of his skull. He was stable when he got at the hospital, according to fire rescue, and even began responding to questions.

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