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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that the American auto maker Chrysler will recall almost 250,000 Dodge Ram trucks due to a break of the left tie rod ball stud which can occur. More specifically, Chrystler is recalling several lines of trucks manufactured between 2008-2011. .Truck owners can call the auto company at at 1-800-853-1403 for details regarding the recall process, schedule and inventory.

How do tie rod ball studs cause accidents?
A tie rod ball stud is an integral part of the steering and wheel mechanism in the vehicle In the trucks discussed, this part may fracture which may cause instability in the front wheel when making tight turns with the vehicle. This clearly increases the risk of accident and or injury.

Product liability law Individuals who have suffered losses or damages due to auto defects may be entitled to compensation. The investigation of these claims can be very complex in nature and may require expert analysis and testimony to establish cause. It is wise to speak to an auto defect attorney who can investigate any potential claim and pursue maximum benefits under the Florida law.

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There were two bills pending before the state’s legislature which allow juries to hear evidence that the driver’s negligence contributed to the accident in product liability cases involving automobiles. This would allow juries in Florida to consider all parties fault when determining damages in these legal proceedings.

Typical product liability defects are due to manufacture , design or failure to warn defects. Under the current law, the responsibility of a defective product rests completely with the manufacturer of that product. Both bills, in the House and in the Senate, however, would significantly impact those who have suffered damages as a result of product defects in auto products by assigning partial cause to an individual.

It is apparent that these bills are attempting to limit the amount of the financial awards in legal claims against auto and auto parts manufacturers by allowing jurors to allocate financial responsibility on drivers or any other person that contributed to the accident and resulting damages.

These bills arose after the Florida Supreme Court prevented jurors from hearing whether a driver was drunk and speeding, and therefore at partially at fault in contributing to the accident. In this case, the Court ruled that evidence regarding the fault of the manufacturer would be permitted, but excluded other evidence regarding the cause of the crash.
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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued tough new standards for safety in infant cribs. The CPSC also recalled more than 7 million drop-side cribs after it was discovered the cribs are particularly unsafe for children. By mid-2010, the CPSC had received 99 reports of children involved in drop-crib accidents. Two of the children lost their lives and six more suffered head injuries when they fell through the gap between the side of the crib and the bed.

The CPSC website offers detailed information about crib safety and infant sleep safety. Among the CPSC’s information is a list of recalled crib brands and types. The complete list includes every CPSC crib recall issued since 1978. A few of the major brands that have been recalled include:

• Delta drop-side cribs • Dorel Asia drop-side and fixed-side cribs • Generation 2 cribs • Graco “Lajobi” drop-side cribs • Jardine cribs • Simplicity cribs and bassinets
Some crib manufacturers offer immobilizing devices to keep the drop side of the crib in place, which reduces the risk of child injury. To find out if your crib can be immobilized, contact the crib’s manufacturer.
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