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Any worker is at risk of getting hurt at work, some are more at risk than others. Some of the major events in which an injury can occur are violence and other injuries by persons or animals, transportation incidents, fires, and explosions, falls, slips, trips, exposure to harmful substances or environments, or contact with objects and equipment.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (2019), the following are considered the top five most dangerous jobs in Florida:

  1. Construction and extraction occupations 

Automobiles today are the safest and easiest to drive they have ever been, with traffic fatalities in the U.S. dropping every year. This is great news, but trucks are still being found to be less safe than cars.

Trucks (including SUVs) are bigger and heavier than cars. They also sit higher up than cars, and are usually more powerful. These aspects of trucks make their drivers feel more confident and secure while driving, but they also make them much more dangerous than smaller vehicles, and the results can be devastating when they are involved in an accident.

Each year, about 4,000 people are killed in large truck crashes, with 100,000 injured. Most of these are occupants in other cars in 2011, 72% of deaths from large truck accidents were people riding in other vehicles. 11% were non-occupants of vehicles, while 17% were occupants of trucks. The estimated yearly cost of all accidents involving commercial vehicles, most of which are trucks, is over $83 billion.

Trucks represent an immense amount of power when in motion. Regulations require that tractor-trailers need to be able to stop in 310 feet when moving at 60 mph. This is quite a long distance (more than a football field), and in most cases it takes even longer because the driver has to see a reason to stop and react to it. It’s easy to see why these vehicles become so destructive when they get out of control.

Truck accidents, particularly with commercial trucks, are different than car accidents when it comes to the law, and a truck accident attorney is usually needed. Truck companies are responsible for the competence of their drivers as well as the safety of any trucks they have on the road. Driving records and logs as well as inspection reports all need to be examined.

Many truck accidents are the fault of the driver or company and can be prevented. Speeding is a particularly dangerous habit, and can be checked in court via the ‘black box’ recording device included in tractor-trailers.

Truck drivers often end up driving for many hours at a time, and fatigue is common. Log books are supposed to show how many hours a driver spent driving, how long they spent resting, etc. Trucks also carry heavy loads, and it is important to load trailers properly. Trailers with uneven loads can make the vehicle more difficult to handle and can increase the risk of tipping over.

Truck accidents are complex and different than car crashes and they need to be handled with care, by a professional truck accident lawyer.
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Miami Dade college student Eric Steven Gonzalez suffered fatal injuries when his car met in an accident with a Waste Management truck. Investigators reveal his death occured on impact.

The Miami Herald reports that the 20 year old’s deceased body remained in the vehicle for hours before Miami Dade rescuers could remove him. The impact with the truck was so very severe.

This accident hits too close to home for The Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson as Gonzalez’ aunt works within our office building. Our most sincere condolences go out to all of the family.

Injuries from truck accidents are often severe. Our office has handled cases for victims of injuries from commercial truck accidents. Commercial trucks are not only large, but very heavy in weight. It takes great skill and attention to operate these vehicles in a careful manner. The slightest mishap can have deadly results.
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According to a report by NBC Miami, on March 28, 2011 a man crossing the street in a wheelchair in the northwest part of Miami was struck by an 18 wheeler and killed in this truck accident.

The unidentified man in the wheelchair was crossing NW 27th Avenue heading west when the truck, hit and killed him. The truck was a vehicle carrier. There has been no determination of fault and no charges filed as the date of this article.
Our condolences go to the family of this victim.

Liability and Damages in Wrongful Death Truck Accident Cases

If an investigation reveals that this accident was due to the negligence of the driver of the tuck, then the family of the deceased may seek damages against in a wrongful death claim against the insurance carrier for the semi, the truck owner and/or the driver. Each surviving family member may be able to recover for loss of the deceased’s financial support or services. They may also recover for loss of the decedent’s companionship and protection. Additionally, they may seek recovery for pain and suffering and funeral and medical expenses .
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