Most Dangerous Jobs in Florida

Any worker is at risk of getting hurt at work, some are more at risk than others. Some of the major events in which an injury can occur are violence and other injuries by persons or animals, transportation incidents, fires, and explosions, falls, slips, trips, exposure to harmful substances or environments, or contact with objects and equipment.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (2019), the following are considered the top five most dangerous jobs in Florida:

  1. Construction and extraction occupations 

In 2019, it was reported that 83 people died due to accidents in construction. Unfortunately, construction accidents particularly are sometimes caused by employers’ inability to adequately educate and supervise workers, or to supply workers with suitable safety equipment and protective gear, kind of such as harnesses or pretty hard helmets. This probability rises if the worker is unskilled or not professionally trained. If you want to know more information about construction site accidents, please visit our page for further information here.


  1. Transportation and material moving occupations

Truck drivers are frequently held liable for their injuries. They may cause accidents by driving too fast, failure to enforce regular vehicle inspection and maintenance, or driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or exhaustion. Employers of drivers may also be held accountable. In 2019, according to reports, 70 persons were killed in trucking accidents. If you want to know more information about trucking accidents, please visit our page for further information here.


  1. Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations

Lawn care, landscaping, and cleaning for major firms, enterprises, and institutions are just a few of the jobs available in the building and grounds cleaning and maintenance field. In 2019, 36 persons were reported killed due to these occupations. Individual homeowners frequently employ people to undertake these sorts of tasks for them. Interior cleaning and janitorial work are further examples of this employment. These tasks are deemed to be more dangerous due to the nature of the work, the exposure to chemicals, and the physical effort required to execute the task.


  1. Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations

These occupations include mechanics or technicians in the aircraft, automotive, electrical, and heating, and cooling industries are examples. 28 persons were killed in 2019 because of the use of heavy machinery, chemicals, and electrical voltage in many of these vocations, these tasks are riskier.


  1. Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations

Farming, fishing, and forestry industries are particularly risky because of the heavy equipment required to fulfill the work requirements. Farmworkers may be killed or severely injured in mishaps such as a tractor toppling or becoming entangled in dangerous farm equipment. In Florida, 16 persons were killed in 2019 due to farming, fishing, and forestry.

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