What Happens If You Quit Your Job During an Open Workers’ Compensation Case?

After an injury at work, many employees essentially consider quitting their jobs. If you have an open workers’ compensation claim you are most likely receiving benefits, whether is medical benefits, wage benefits, or disability benefits.

If the injured victim decides to terminate his or her employment the medical benefits will be continued under workers’ compensation. It is his or her right to receive medical benefits even if you are unemployed, work in another job or decide to relocate to another state.

Something that would change in your workers’ compensation case if you quit your job is the injured victim’s eligibility on wage benefits or disability benefits. The insurance companies would try to not pay anything to the injured victim because he or she voluntarily limited his or her income and they shouldn’t have to pay because of the injured victims’ choices.

The workers’ compensation insurance company most of the time demonstrate the voluntary limitation of income when the injured victim was aware that his or her employer had a job available within his or her restriction.

Any of these rights can be lost by quitting your job:

  • Wage Benefits: The injured victim is entitled to wage benefits when his or her doctor placed him or her under no work restrictions or work with restrictions and the employer does not have work available under the restrictions giving.
  • Temporary Partial Disability Benefits: The injured victim is considered as partially disabled which means that eventually you will recover fully at maximum medical improvement. The injured victim is eligible to receive this benefit if his or her income is less than 80% of his or her wages, this will help make up for the difference in the wages.
  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits: This benefit is provided when the injured victim can’t return to work per the doctor’s order.
  • Permanent Disability Benefits: (Permanent partial disability and permanent total disability) These benefits are paid if the injury prevents the injured victim from doing their job completely. The injured victim may be entitled to a settlement of permanent disability.

If the injured victim is currently getting workers’ compensation benefits and understand that a change in jobs is beneficial for him or her, a workers’ compensation lawyer can most likely help you settle your claim without losing the money owed.

The injured victim before really quitting his or her employment, the doctor must have put him or her at maximum medical improvement, or the best possible recovery from his or her workplace accident. This means that the injured victim finished all medical treatment, and any remaining medical bills may be computed and included in a settlement.

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