Coconut grove runner hit by car

The Miami Herald reported that an 18 year old woman was hit by another woman accused of driving her vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The woman is in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The driver was going north on Virginia Street when she first hit a parked car and then was propelled into the woman jogging on the side of the road.

Driving while under the influence
Driving under the influence is a major cause of injuries on the road today. Law enforcement continues to make significant efforts to curtail the number of drivers under the influence of alcohol or other related substances.

A driver under the influence may have both civil and criminal responsibilities under the law. In addition to criminal penalties, which could include jail, probation and suspension of driving privileges, a driver may also have to pay civil remedies for damages caused.

A personal injury attorney can investigate and pursue the damages that such accident victims deserve under the law.

Miami personal injury lawyer Ruth E. Johnson handles claims of victims of injuries from drivers under the influence. We fight for the rights of these accident victims and seek the money and/or benefits deserved.

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