Dog Bites Homestead, Fl seven-year old hero

In Homestead, Florida, an area just south of Miami, a 7 year old boy was hailed as hero when he shielded both his younger brother and friend while being attacked by a German Sheppard.

The boys were playing outside when the guard dog from a business in the area escaped and attacked the boys. The seven year old pushed the two younger children under a vehicle and blocked them from the dog while suffering bite wounds to his head, arms, and shoulder as the German Sheppard attacked.

The boys’ father heard the screams and was able to stop the attack. Had he not been so responsive, the injuries to the heroic boy and his playmates could have been even more severe.

Florida dog bite laws state that when a dog bite or animal attack occurs anywhere in the State of Florida, the animal owner is responsible for the injuries and damages under a theory known as strict liability. This theory means that the injured party does not need to prove negligence to obtain an award.

Any animal attack is a painful and terrifying experience, especially for a child such as this victim. If you or someone you love has suffered from such an attack, please do not hesitate to contact Miami dog bite lawyer Ruth E. Johnson. We will carefully examine your case and fight for the money and/or benefits you deserve. Call 305 720 2086 for a free consultation

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