Pedestrian accidents caused by texting – food for thought

We live in a technological era. There is simply no turning back. And with the use and overuse of cell phones, tablets and other portable communication devices, comes also the reactionary restriction by lawmakers.

In Florida a new bill will address a ban on text messaging while driving in an effort to improve road safety. This is to the relief of many.

What has not gained as much attention is the issue of text messaging as a pedestrian. Miami is a city of drivers. Certain areas of the City are almost pedestrian free. There are other areas, however, that pedestrians, in particular out of town tourists, roam the streets to enjoy our great weather and feel the”heat” of the City.

The Seattle Times has brought this issue to light in a recent article. It discusses studies that revealed that more than one thousand people were seriously injured in accidents in which they were walking and using a mobile device. This statistic is more than likely very conservative as many persons are unlikely to admit the use of cell phones and its relation to an accident or injury.

What is even greater concern is the fact that mobile technology use tends to be greatest in the younger population and even small children.

What is the answer?

Education regarding the risks associated with the use of mobile communication devices, not just while driving, needs to come to the forefront. Especailly in schools and through paid advertising. Time is of the essence as technology becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives.

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