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On Monday February 14, 2022, just before 2 a.m., in the 20700 block of Northwest 20th Avenue, a lady was killed, and two others were injured in an accident that left both vehicles seriously wrecked. According to cops, a white Mercedes SUV was traveling east on Northwest 207th Avenue when it collided with a silver Kia Optima heading west on 207th Street. According to officers on the site, two sisters have been in the Kia. The driver died at the spot, while the passenger was transported to a nearby hospital in critical illness. A female passenger was thrown from the Mercedes and ended up with a broken sternum, but she is expected to recover. According to police, the man who drove the Mercedes attempted to carry her away while fleeing the scene of the incident, but ultimately abandoned her. Detectives say they have just enough DNA evidence at the scene to identify him, and he will almost certainly face charges. The Mercedes was abandoned overturned for hours before being taken away, and glass was scattered over the roadway as authorities searched for clues. Attorneys representing the victim’s family have subsequently been able to learn more. According to the attorneys, it was a minor speeding at more than 90 mph. Parked automobiles in the area of the incident were also damaged, and traffic was obstructed for much of the morning in the residential neighborhood, which is adjacent to the Robert Renick Educational Center and Hard Rock Stadium. Before 10 a.m., the automobiles involved in the incident were taken away. According to police, speeding through the residential neighborhood was most likely a factor in the crash.

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