Miami Beach Police Officers involved in ATV crash

MSNBC reports that both of the Miami Beach police officers based on their involvement in an all terrain vehicle accident over the weekend.

The accident occurred when an on duty officer was driving his ATV vehicle with an unauthorized passenger in the rear. The vehicle crashed into two people who were on the beach. These two victims were hospitalized for their injuries. The woman who was in the rear of the vehicle was also treated , but for minor injuries.

The Miami Beach police department has conducted a thorough investigation after allegations that alcohol was involved in the accident and operation of the ATV. The police officer that was operating the vehicle has been terminated, along with another officer who was at the scene of the hotel where they met the female ATV passenger.

Thankfully the victims of this accident are recovering from their injuries. These victims may have potential claims against the City of Miami Beach for any damages they have sustained as a result of the negligence of the police officer and the department.

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