Flying car may be within reach

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration have approved production of the world’s first flying car, designed right here in the United States.

The “Transition” is a product of Massachusetts based Terrafugia. The vehicle has the ability to transition between the sky and road by using retractable wings operated by the push of a button. The fold up wings make the plane narrow enough to fit on standard roadways. The car/plane has just enough room for one pilot and one passenger. It has airbags and uses a crumple zone just like that used in several cars. Unlike most cars on the road, the Transition also has a carbon fiber safety cage in case of rollovers, usually only found in racing vehicles.

It is anticipated that this flying and driving vehicle will be available to customers as soon as next year.

Miami auto accident attorney Ruth E. Johnson is very excited about this evolution in transportation options and what it could mean in improving safety on the roadways across the nation and here in South Florida.

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