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The Centers for Disease Control have recently reported that four million people in this country admit to driving while under the influence of alcohol.

As scarey as that statistic is, even more scarey is the fact that this astronomical number reflects only those who actually admit to driving drunk. It is therefore clear that the actual amount of persons operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is greater than four million.

Drunk driving is a leading cause of injuries related to auto accidents. It is a significant contributing factor to motor vehicle crashes and should not be ignored.

It is for this reason that the CDC is making efforts throughout the country to encourages each state to increase checkpoints in an effort to discourage driving under the influence.
Miami auto accident attorney , Ruth E. Johnson, applauds such efforts to make the roadways safer and promote responsibility while drinking.
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MSNBC reports that both of the Miami Beach police officers based on their involvement in an all terrain vehicle accident over the weekend.

The accident occurred when an on duty officer was driving his ATV vehicle with an unauthorized passenger in the rear. The vehicle crashed into two people who were on the beach. These two victims were hospitalized for their injuries. The woman who was in the rear of the vehicle was also treated , but for minor injuries.

The Miami Beach police department has conducted a thorough investigation after allegations that alcohol was involved in the accident and operation of the ATV. The police officer that was operating the vehicle has been terminated, along with another officer who was at the scene of the hotel where they met the female ATV passenger.
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