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On Thursday, March 17, 2022, around 11:40 p.m., in Jacksonville, three different collisions involving local police in less than a day left one police officer critically injured. The most recent collision occurred at a highway construction site on Interstate 10 eastbound and McDuff Avenue. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the officer was at fault. According to the Sheriff’s Office, he was working off-duty for a highway construction firm when he moved his vehicle into an open lane of traffic. A lady travelling east on I-10 in a Toyota Corolla failed to notice the officer and collided with his vehicle. The cop and the construction workers were attempting to block the highway’s middle lane. The officer, however, went ahead of the construction vehicle without first clearing traffic, according to the Sheriff’s Office. The woman was seriously injured, whereas the cop was only slightly hurt. When they see police cars and other emergency vehicles on the side of the road, Florida drivers should be aware of them and follow the state’s Move Over Law, according to Florida Highway Patrol Master Sgt. Dylan Bryan. While Bryan could not comment on the collisions involving Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office cruisers this week, he does remind drivers that the legislation now also applies when they see road and bridge repair or construction vehicles with warning lights on.

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