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On Monday, March 28, 2022, shortly after the 14-year-old was body slammed on school, leaving him gravely wounded and concussed, a South Florida mother is addressing her worries and seeking responsibility. Cellphone footage of the incident at Keys Gate Charter School in Homestead on Monday morning shows an eighth-grade student being tossed to the ground, struck numerous times while on the ground, then stomped by an older, heavier student. The mother of the 14-year-old victim said that two older pupils were wanting her son’s iPhone and that when he refused to give anything up, one of them beat him up. According to the student’s mother, her boy had to be taken to Baptist Homestead Hospital due to a concussion and a bruised eye. The offender hits the victim just beneath his left eye in the 11-second footage. The teen’s mother expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that he is healing at home. The mother of the student stated that she, along with the families of the other students involved, wished to speak with authorities. The victim’s relatives stated they reported the incident to the police. It’s unclear if school authorities contacted law enforcement as well. Keys Gate Charter School officials said they will contact the principal and have additional information later this week.

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