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On July 15, 2017, a 22-year-old woman sat in the passenger seat of her father’s Mustang convertible, as they drove back from a night of celebrating her return. According to documents, the Mustang was speeding 71-mph in a 45-mph speed limit on North Kepler Road when FHP Trooper Andrew Nunez’s radar detected it. Nunez activated his blue light. The father slowed the Mustang when he drove onto Lake Charles Road. The daughter got out of the vehicle and ran across the lawn as he drew to a halt. Joseph drove his Dodge Charger off Lake Charles Road, over the lawn, into a driveway, and back across more grass while she fled. Then the woman slid and was run over by the patrol car. She was seriously hurt and passed away nine days later. The wrongful death case was brought in circuit court in 2019 by the victim’s grandparent against the FHP and the two troopers who had since departed the department. The case was then transferred to federal court in Orlando. The FHP has agreed to pay a $500,000 settlement for her death five years later. Also, when a person escaping on foot from a trooper, the state agreed to amend its pursuit rules at least until 2024. The department has also agreed to mention the 22-year-old woman’s identity during trooper training. A new section of the pursuit policy will teach troopers to be cautious while using their cars to chase fleeing people and to avoid putting themselves in a circumstance where the vehicle may strike the pedestrian.

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