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On Friday, March 26, 2022, around 11:00 p.m., authorities say a 14-year-old kid died after falling from a drop tower amusement attraction that recently debuted at the Orlando area’s ICON Park entertainment complex. The Orlando FreeFall rollercoaster is the world’s largest freestanding drop tower, according to its operators. A passenger falls from their seat around five seconds into the ride’s plummet down the tower, according to a video viral video that supposedly depicts the event, as the ride decelerates before it hits the ground. ICON Park was visited by deputies. According to the sheriff’s office, the 14-year-old was transferred to a hospital and died from his injuries. Details on what caused the collapse were not immediately made public. The Sling Shot and the Free Fall attraction have both been suspended indefinitely. Icon Park’s two rides are run by the Slingshot Group. The 430-foot-tall thrill, marketed as the world’s biggest free-standing drop tower, is only 11 feet shorter than the SunTrust building, Orlando’s tallest structure. Everything looked to be normal, according to the employees and witnesses examined by cops. Investigators from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office will assess if the occurrence was accidental or purposeful, and based on preliminary findings, “it seems to be a tragic tragedy,” Orange County Sheriff John Mina said.

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