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As a car accident lawyer and also the owner of a new SUV , I cannot help but question the safety factors involved in rollover accidents involving SUVs and the resulting injuries.

There is no doubt that SUVs have become increasing popular due to their sheer functionality. In an era where fuel consumption has become an ever growing concern, manufacturers of SUVs have worked hard to come up with competitively fuel efficient versions of their vehicles. This adds to their attraction in the marketplace and popularity on the road.

In investigating I discovered that it is a fact that SUV’s have a higher rollover accident rate, over other vehicle models. This has been confirmed by several auto safety agencies throughout the country, including The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

It appears that it all boils down to design, first and foremost. These style of vehicles often have a heavier weight distribution on the top.

So what can be done to prevent or reduce the rollover risks that are clearly associated with these very popular models of motor vehicles?

The answer is overall safe operation and maintenance of the vehicle. This includes driving at speeds within the safety limits and avoiding fast driving where the road conditions dictate. With an SUV, careful maneuvering of turns and road hazards is even more important.

When towing heavy items, sic as boats and trailers, one needs to be even more cautious. It is also very important to be careful when transporting other heavy items, especially if considering placing them on top of an already top heavy vehicle. This should be avoided as it is unsafer.

Of course follow the manufacturer guide for ongoing maintenance of the vehicle, including, but not limited to , tire maintenance and inspection , along with ongoing care with a professional.
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