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In 2001, the most dangerous traffic intersection in the country was reported to be right here, north of Miami in Pembroke Pines. State Farm insurance company reported that the intersection of Pines Blvd and Flamingo Road had the highest number of intersection accident claims of any other intersection in the country.

On March 3, 2011, the National Safety Council issued the results of a new study that fatal crashes at intersections with stop lights decreased by 17% between 2005-2009 . The study also found that the number of deaths due to running of red lights decreased by 27% for the same time period.

Liability in Intersection Accidents
Florida law requires that at intersections with yield and stop signals, the driver approaching the intersection shall slow down or stop to yield the right of way to any vehicle currently in the intersection.

In cases where an operator of a vehicle fails to follow the law in yielding or stopping at an intersection , then this driver may be held liable for any injuries resulting from that failure to adhere to the rules. A Miami personal injury lawyer can assist injured victims of such accidents by conducting a thorough investigation to determine fault.
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