What is the Reason for a Deposition in a Workers’ Compensation Case?

A deposition is a meeting between the injured victim, his or her attorney, the insurance adjuster, and the insurance attorney based on a question-and-answer session. The deposition is made under oath and admissible in a legal proceeding, therefore a court reporter is also present during the deposition. This is the best way to gather information in a claim is through a deposition according to the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act.

The insurance company of your employer may ask the injured victim to do a deposition with the purpose of gathering more information for their case. It is important to always keep in mind that the deposition of the injured victim does not help in any shape or form the injured victim’s claim. With that being said, the most important thing an injured victim should never do is provide more information than what he or she is being asked.

The injured victim will need to prepare for the deposition by:

  • Review any details given before about the accident.
  • Review any details given before about the injuries.
  • Reviewing the medical records that are related to the claim.

Even though the injured victim should be familiar with everything mentioned above, he or she should know every detail carefully to avoid any inconsistency on the statement. Your attorney will help you prepare for the deposition and during the deposition, he or she will make sure that your rights are being protected, prevent that the attorney from the opposite party violate any rules by asking the injured victim any improper questions, and help you understand any questions in case you need it.

It is important that during the deposition you answer honestly, be clear and concise about everything, however, the best tip and what your attorney will always suggest is to keep your answers short preferably answer with a “yes”, “no” or “I don’t remember at this time”. Using those responses will prevent you from giving more information than what you are being asked, as we mentioned previously this doesn’t help your claim in any way, shape, or form it only helps their case.

As we mentioned before, a deposition will be held by the insurance company of the employer with the purpose of gathering more information about the injured victim. The information they will typically ask is about personal history, medical history, history of other accidents, prior workers’ compensation injuries, details of the accident, details of your current job, and if you receive any outside benefits.

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