The At-Fault Driver Was Not Ticketed, What to Do Next?

If you or someone you have recently been in a car accident and want to file a claim against an insurance company it is required to call the police at the scene. If the police arrived at the scene and no ticket was issued, you may wonder if maybe no one was at fault or if for sure the other person was at fault you won’t be able to recover any damage. We understand your concerns and we will explain everything to you.

Florida is a state in which every day there is a car accident, this means that the law enforcement officers are always very busy and might occasionally forget to issue a ticket, they might find that no traffic laws were violated, or they couldn’t determine fault. Sometimes if neither of the parties involved in the car crash called the police for different reasons it is possible that a ticket can be issued days after the accident, since a person may file a police report within 10 days of the accident.

However, with this said, it shouldn’t be assumed that you cannot for the most part seek compensation, contrary to popular belief. Florida specifically is a no-fault insurance state, which mostly means you can always generally seek compensation for damages or injuries no matter who for the most part subtly is at fault.

A ticket in a car accident claim is of importance because it proofs that the negligence of one person caused the accident. Regardless that no one received a ticket does not mean that no one will be held responsible. Also, it is important to keep in mind that even if the ticket was issued the insurance company will do its investigation to determine liability.

The best thing to do after a car accident if a ticket was not issued for any reason, is to contact an auto accident attorney. Even though a ticket is a strong proof to determine liability; an attorney can help you gather more evidence to establish liability, will help you investigate your case, and will help you seek the compensation you may be entitled to.

An experienced accident lawyer will particularly mostly have many methods to generally for the most part demonstrate the at-fault driver negligence, like:

  • Putting together crash reports, video footage, or physical evidence
  • Taking testimony from witnesses
  • Accident reconstruction for the most part is the process of recreating a crash, which is significant.
  • Other methods of investigation, which generally are significant.

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