Port of Miami tunnel drill is here

When driving to Miami Beach, one cannot help but notice the massive construction effort that is happening on and around the McArthur Causeway. This is the site of the construction of the tunnel connecting Miami to the Port of Miami . The purpose of this tunnel is to direct the current tractor trailor traffic away from the access streets of downtown Miami after exiting the highways.This construction is one of the major transportation projects currently y active in the South Florida area.

Recently, a $45 million drilling machine arrived in Miami. This machine is 4 stories tall and over 100 yards in length and will be used to drill the two way tunnels. Miami residents should expect lane closures along the McArthur Highway for the next several weeks.

As a Miami car accident lawyer, we look forward to the completion of this project in an effort to improve traffic congestion and overall roadway safety for Miami residents and visitors alike.

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