Miami pop star recovers from weekend accident

Local 10 News in Miami, Florida has reported that over the Memorial day holiday weekend local pop star Sean Kingston and a passenger were riding on a jet ski when the watercraft crashed into the bridge that connects Miami’s Palm Island to the MacArthur Causeway. Both were rushed to the Jackson Memorial Hospital where Kingston remains, while the passenger has been discharged, The cause of the accident is still under investigation by authorities.

In 2009 the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee released a Boating Accidents Statistical Report which ranked, Florida #1 for reported boating accidents in 2008. The total that year was 657 reported accidents. The good news is that this number represents a decline that has bee steady year after year since 2000.

n Miami and surrounding areas, watercraft use is extremely popular, especially around holiday weekends. Unfortunately boating and watercraft accident are far too common. Many due to boating under the influence and other negligent acts of watercraft operators. The damages that result from these accidents are often significant.

A Miami boating accident attorney can assist persons who have been injured as a result of such watercraft accidents by conducting a thorough investigation to determine liability, If you or a loved one need assistance after such a loss, feel free to contact The Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson at 305 720 2086 for assistance.

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