Miami highway one of the most congested in the Nation

The latest Texas Transportation Institute study has ranked Miami’s 836 Highway in its top 40 most congested highways in the country. From a review of the study I found that the 5 mile corridor on the 836 between 107 Ave and 57 Ave was the only roadway in the state of Florida to make it to the “most congested” list. This stretch also made it to the institute’s “3 cup morning” list.

Although congested roadways lead to slower speeds, this does not mean less serious collisions and safer conditions for drivers. The daily grind of stop and go traffic leads to more accidents than steady traffic flow.

Automobile collisions can lead to injuries. For most of us there just is no way to avoid the congested 836 and other freeways in south Florida on a daily basis. Therefore if ever involved in a car crash in South Florida one should seek counsel of a personal injury lawyer in Miami.

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