Miami firefighters attacked by accident victim

Just this week ,City of Miami firefighters were assisting a victim of a fiery car accident when this victim threatened them with a knife. The car accident victim is a female who was involved in an auto accident on a local highway. A City of Miami firefighter noticed the woman walking in the emergency lane of the highway.

When he went to assist her, she pulled out a knife and uttered several words and slangs that were unrecognizable to the firefighters, who called the police. When the police arrived, it took four officers to restrain the woman who was then transported for psychiatric evaluation at a nearby hospital.

In Miami, the first responders to an auto accident are often firefighters from the appropriate department depending on the location of the accident. It is important to remain calm and allow these trained professionals to examine you for injuries you may have sustained as result of the incident. If necessary, you will be transported to the nearest emergency room for care. You may also consider seeking medical attention of any injuries on your own after an accident if not directly transported to the hospital.

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