Miami Dade Transit bus hit in head on accident

In the southwest area of the city , a Miami Dade Transit bus and car were involved in a head on collision.
WSVN-TV reports that this accident happened in the morning at the intersection of southwest 56nd Street and 152nd Avenue. Six people on the bus were injured. There has not been a determination of fault.

If this accident was due to the negligence of the driver of the car, then the bus passengers may be able to recover their losses from the driver and/or their insurance Carrier. A thorough investigation of liability would have to be conducted.

Bus Accident Statistics

In November 2009 a major study was conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and reported to congress. It found that most bus crashes occur in metropolitan areas, such as Miami, Florida. Approximately fifty ( 50) people are killed and fewer than 1,000 injured every year in cross-country and inter-city bus crashes.
Motor coach crashes account for the majority of bus accidents, followed by transit buses then school buses.

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