Miami area police officer injured in motorcyle accident

Saturday evening a local Miami area police officer was seriously injured in an auto accident while riding his motorcycle. The Doral police officer, who was on duty, was traveling on his motorcycle when the driver of a car made an illegal U-turn, hitting the officer and his bike.

The officer is 51 year old Rafael Cubelo. Reports state that the force of the impact sent this individual into the air several feet. He was then transported to the Ryder Trauma Center. We are wishing him a speedy and successful recovery.

Automobile drivers are often the cause of motorcycle accidents and resulting injuries. In this instance the driver of the car involved was cited for disobeying the traffic laws. Often the simplest offense can result in serious injury, especially when a motorcycle in involved.

This officer has clearly suffered losses as a result of that driver’s negligence. He may pursue compensation of such damages through the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Miami. Such an attorney may be able to assist the officer in pursuing a claim against the automobile driver.

This officer was on duty when the accident occurred and may also be entitled to benefits under the Florida workers compensation law. These benefits include loss wages and medical benefits. He may therefore wish to also consult a workers compensation lawyer in Miami to protect his legal rights.

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