Florida Governor approves major claim bills

Florida Governor, Rick Scott, made a significant move recently by signing three claim bills that have monumental consequences to those involved. These are three bills relating to negligence claims that required the at fault parties to compensate the victims.

One of the bills , named HB 965, forces the Lee County Hospital to pay Aaron Edwards almost $15 million for permanent injuries. Edwards suffered permanent injuries to his brain during his birth in 1997 at the facility. Significant hospital errors during his delivery have left him confined to a wheelchair and without speech.

Yet another bill approved by Scott requires payment to Eric Brody. Brody also suffered severe brain damage after an auto accident with a Broward County Sheriff Officer who was at fault. Brody is to receive almost 11 million dollars.

The third bill relates to the notorious Rachel Hoffman case. Hoffman, a 23 year old student at Florida State University, agreed to act as an informant for the Tallahassee police. In what appears to be a drug sting gone array, the young lady was murdered. Her parents then filed a wrongful death claim against the city, payment for which was approved by the Governor.

Our Florida Governor did, however veto a separate bill awarding $1.4 million to an amputee. Don Brown lost his leg in an auto accident with a Sumter school bus. The Governor, believed the award to be excessive.

As a Personal injury lawyer I would like to remind the readers of this article that these damages that have been awarded are minor reflections of the true loss suffered by the injury victims. It is because, as an attorney, I understand this, that I fight for maximum money and benefits for each and every client.

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