An Insurance Adjuster Contacted Me; Should I Speak with Them Without an Injury Attorney?

If you have been injured and you are not at fault, be careful with who you speak and what you say. An insurance adjuster will most likely contact you; it can be the insurance adjuster of the party at-fault or the adjuster from your insurance company and. They will want to speak with you before you hire an attorney in case you are thinking of pursuing an injury claim, if you are, you should hire an attorney as soon as possible because you should NEVER talk to an insurance adjuster without the presence of a personal injury attorney.

The insurance adjusters contact you as soon as their client reports the accident and before you hire an injury attorney because they want to pay the minimum amount of money in compensation as possible and they will use tactics to try to convince you to accept certain terms, get you to confess to something that will get you get less compensation or offer you a quick settlement.

If you accept a settlement offer, you may quickly learn that the sum given does not cover everything you require. If you accept the adjuster’s offer, the agreement you signed forbids you from demanding further compensation. The insurance adjuster wants you to accept the offer or make a statement that will allow them to make a future settlement offer. Accepting an offer or making any decisions without the advice of a competent and experienced lawyer is not a good idea.

If an insurance adjuster contacted you, take advantage of it for your attorney to get in touch with them faster. Some tips that may help are:

  • Be calm and polite.
  • Remember that your call will probably be recorded so always try to say minimum as possible.
  • Ask from what insurance company the person is calling from.
  • Ask for the adjuster’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Do not provide your information.
  • Do not agree to give recorded statement.
  • Do not provide any details about the accident, not even if asked.
  • Do not provide any details about your injuries, not even if asked.
  • Do not guess information.
  • Resist the pressure of settlement right away.
  • Do not agree to anything, like signing documents, before speaking with an attorney.
  • Take notes of everything you are talking about.
  • Provide the adjuster with the contact information of your attorney, if you have one.

We understand that when you get injured you are going through difficult times but to get make sure you get what you are entitled to in your injury claim you should hire an attorney immediately.

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Remember when injured you get to choose your legal counsel, so have an experienced, aggressive, knowledgeable l team that aims to get you the most compensation for your losses. Choose the Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson.

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