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I always hear stories about how great motorcycles are and how fun it is to ride in cities like Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Malibu and Redondo Beach, and of course, gorgeous Newport Beach, CA, with its cool fairy ride and Balboa Island to party and have fun at the “Fun Zone.” And when I go on vacation to California, I want to try a motor scooter to get around town. But I did some research and learned a few things I want to share with you, so you won’t need a vacation motorcycle accident attorney.

Collisions in California cause serious injuries when they happen on a motorcycle, and they are avoidable in many cases if the driver in the motor vehicle was paying more attention to the road. There are motorcycle accidents that occur every day across the nation and they involve drivers that swear they did not see the biker prior to the collision.

These types of motorcycle crashes in large part occur at intersections and this even at a slow speed can seriously injure the motorcycle rider. The injuries can involve traumatic head injuries, since all the rider has in a collision for protection is their helmet when they are thrown to the road. This is not the only injury; the person on a motorcycle can also suffer neck and spinal cord injuries, amputations, cuts, gashes and scrapes. The scrapes alone can cause lifelong scars, and are known by motorcycle riders as road rash, which when severe can require skin grafts to repair the damage.

Collisions cause serious injuries when they happen on a motorcycle, which if the driver was not negligent in their actions on the road the collision would not have happened and the rider would not have been injured. When this type of collision occurs and it was caused by a negligent driver the injured victim will need to file a lawsuit in order to hold them responsible for causing the accident, so that they can recover compensation.

They also need the protection of a motorcycle injury attorney for two main reasons, according to this motorcycle lawyer I saw online named Michael Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm PC at 201 Wilshire Blvd., Second Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90401. 310.376.8488; 620 Newport Center Drive Suite 1100, Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 891-0278.

The first reason Ehline gives is that this can be complicated litigation and require resources to build the case the injured motorcycle rider does not have, like experts to reconstruct the accident and testify. The second reason is that it has been proven the injured victim that is represented by an attorney will recover a higher amount of compensation.

The injured motorcycle victim that has been involved in a collision in Newport Beach is not alone, this is a problem for motorcycle riders across the country, but the Southern California injured motorcyclist has the advantage of having an experienced Newport Beach and Santa Monica motorcycle injury attorney who will handle all the aspects of their lawsuit. This includes when the drivers insurance company attempts to settle with the injured motorcycle rider for a much lower amount than they deserve.

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Motorcycle accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of death in traffic crashes across the United States and in Miami. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has made an effort to decrease motorcycle fatalities and injuries by 10% between 2008 and 2010. This has been done by improving motorcycle safety awareness and training programs.

Despite these programs, accidents still continue to happen due to the drivers of other vehicles who fail to obey the traffic rules with respect to motorcycles. The motorcycle rider in Miami who obeys all traffic laws still runs the risk of serious injury due to lack of protective covering and helmet.

Following the repeal of the mandatory helmet law in Florida, the Department of Surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine studied the impact of crashes on riders. The patients were studied over a six month period. The study found that even after one year post the motor cycle accident, most motorcycle riders continue to experience physical defects.

These physical defects are often life changing; resulting in loss of income and permanent bodily injury. When a motorcycle accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, then the other driver may be responsible for this loss and payment of damages. This is why it is important to have competent legal counsel to assist you in recovering your losses.
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