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Miami Dade colleger student dies in truck accident

Miami Dade college student Eric Steven Gonzalez suffered fatal injuries when his car met in an accident with a Waste Management truck. Investigators reveal his death occured on impact.

The Miami Herald reports that the 20 year old's deceased body remained in the vehicle for hours before Miami Dade rescuers could remove him. The impact with the truck was so very severe.

This accident hits too close to home for The Law Office of Ruth E. Johnson as Gonzalez' aunt works within our office building. Our most sincere condolences go out to all of the family.

Injuries from truck accidents are often severe. Our office has handled cases for victims of injuries from commercial truck accidents. Commercial trucks are not only large, but very heavy in weight. It takes great skill and attention to operate these vehicles in a careful manner. The slightest mishap can have deadly results.

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Efforts for road safety for older drivers

Miami and the surrounding South Florida area have traditionally been a great destination for "snowbirds" and retired vacationers alike. It comes as now surprise, then, that Florida was ranked second, only to California, for the numbers of drivers over the age of 65. This is according to The Road Information Program also known as TRIP.

TRIP also reports that our state is number one in motor vehilce fatalities involving drivers 65 years and older. In 2011 it was reported that 503 auto accident deaths in Florida involved at least one driver over 65. This number, according to TRIP's policy and research director, Frank Moretti, would have more than likely been higher had it not been for the Florida Department of Transportation's efforts to improve road safety with older drivers in mind.The Florida DOT has taken steps towards improving road and lanes sizes and visibility of traffic signs.

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Miami bicycle accident raises awareness of safety throughout South Florida

As a Miami resident and wife of an avid cyclist, the news of the recent tragedy on Key Biscayne was devastating.

There was an awesome turnout yesterday morning where cyclists met for a group ride in honor of 37 year old Aaron Cohen, the fatal victim of a hit and run accident last week. The riders went along the William Powell Bridge where Aaron and Enda Walsh were hit by a female automobile driver who fled the scene and later turned herself in.

As an accident lawyer in Miami it is truly amazing to see the support and respect that these riders have displayed not only for the injured, but for the sport on a whole. The facebook pages of local bicycle team have been filled with deep rooted thoughts and prayers for all involved. What is more surprising are the posts that show the great respect that these riders have for their beloved sport. Not deterred by fear, there is a momentum to keep riding.

It is this momentum that riders will hope to promote knowledge, awareness and safety of all who share the roadways of South Florida. It seems that this has already begun bicycle safety initiative. As my husband puts on his team JAMA jersey three mornings every week, I for one am excited about the prospect of safer roadways for cyclists!!

Car accident still the leading cause of death for teens

As a Miami car accident lawyer it saddens me that motor vehicle accidents are still the leading cause of death for individuals between the ages of 15-24. The risk is even higher for those between the ages of 16-19.

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are a number of factors responsible for the increased death rate among teenagers and young adults. Speeding, low seat belt use, inability to recognize hazardous situations, alcohol use and risky driving behavior are some of the recognized factors that increase the risk of death among this age group.

The other obvious factor is use of cell phone and the resulting distracted driving that occurs. Use of cellular telephones among those aged 15-24 is high. What is particularly high is the use of these devices for text messaging and email. This is the most dangerous use of the phone while driving. Clearly, when added to the factors mentioned above, cell phone use only increases the risk of death among young drivers.

Parents and law makers alike need to proactively address this issue and protect these drivers by educating them of risk factors and setting boundaries regarding dangerous behavior while driving. It is clear that new initiatives will be created to assist in the effort to reduce teen deaths due to auto accidents.

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