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Truck recalls by Chrystler could number almost 250,000

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that the American auto maker Chrysler will recall almost 250,000 Dodge Ram trucks due to a break of the left tie rod ball stud which can occur. More specifically, Chrystler is recalling several lines of trucks manufactured between 2008-2011. .Truck owners can call the auto company at at 1-800-853-1403 for details regarding the recall process, schedule and inventory.

How do tie rod ball studs cause accidents?
A tie rod ball stud is an integral part of the steering and wheel mechanism in the vehicle
In the trucks discussed, this part may fracture which may cause instability in the front wheel when making tight turns with the vehicle. This clearly increases the risk of accident and or injury.

Product liability law
Individuals who have suffered losses or damages due to auto defects may be entitled to compensation. The investigation of these claims can be very complex in nature and may require expert analysis and testimony to establish cause. It is wise to speak to an auto defect attorney who can investigate any potential claim and pursue maximum benefits under the Florida law.


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Auto safety groups want driving with cell phone laws placed on hold?

The Governors Highway Safety Association is a group that consists of all the high ranking highway safety officials through out the country. This group recently reported its recommendation that states should wait for the completion of further research prior to banning the use of cell phones while driving.

The group indicates that there is insufficient evidence out of the states that have already banned the use of hand held cellular phones that these bans have actually reduced the number of crashes on the roadways. The group does, however, urge all states to make efforts to reduce distracted driving on a whole. They encourage laws that make it illegal to text while operating a vehicle. Over half the states in the country already have such laws in place.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report which shows that approximately 5,500 fatalities in 2009 as a result of distracted driving. The report went on to indicate that over 500,000 were injured in auto accidents with inattentive drivers.
This means that 20% of the injury crashes in that year consisted of a distracted driver.

With these statistics it is surprising that the safety groups want more direct evidence regarding the use of hand held cell phones prior to issuing laws restricting use while driving. Many motorists have become aware of these dangers and have intentionally reduced the use of cellular phones while driving on their own. Most parents do not allow teenage drivers to use their phones while operating a vehicle and are anxiously awaiting the laws that ban this in states where they don't already exist.

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Flying car may be within reach

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration have approved production of the world's first flying car, designed right here in the United States.

The "Transition" is a product of Massachusetts based Terrafugia. The vehicle has the ability to transition between the sky and road by using retractable wings operated by the push of a button. The fold up wings make the plane narrow enough to fit on standard roadways. The car/plane has just enough room for one pilot and one passenger. It has airbags and uses a crumple zone just like that used in several cars. Unlike most cars on the road, the Transition also has a carbon fiber safety cage in case of rollovers, usually only found in racing vehicles.

It is anticipated that this flying and driving vehicle will be available to customers as soon as next year.

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Miami Beach Police Officers involved in ATV crash

MSNBC reports that both of the Miami Beach police officers based on their involvement in an all terrain vehicle accident over the weekend.

The accident occurred when an on duty officer was driving his ATV vehicle with an unauthorized passenger in the rear. The vehicle crashed into two people who were on the beach. These two victims were hospitalized for their injuries. The woman who was in the rear of the vehicle was also treated , but for minor injuries.

The Miami Beach police department has conducted a thorough investigation after allegations that alcohol was involved in the accident and operation of the ATV. The police officer that was operating the vehicle has been terminated, along with another officer who was at the scene of the hotel where they met the female ATV passenger.

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